Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Our population is rapidly growing and housing affordability is a serious issue in the Pascoe Vale electorate. Many residents are telling me that people are living in insecure or overpriced accommodation due to undersupply of appropriately priced and sized rental housing.

Local MP’s have not listened or responded to basic public concerns about planning, transport and housing.

Our community has a right to feel safe, in affordable and secure housing. There is still a lack of an affordable housing plan with effective policies or targets. Public housing waiting lists are long with people often waiting years to find suitable accommodation.

We need a clear strategy that makes a real impact and that:

  1. Helps people buy their own homes;
  2. Eases the burden on people renting by providing more choice for affordable housing;
  3. Supports more options for disability housing; and
  4. Gets people out of homelessness into either public housing or affordable housing.

Oscar is sick of waiting for action on affordable housing.

Oscar is committed to working to achieve more social housing, he will campaign to strengthen the Residential Tenancies Act with more balance, increase public housing and ensure the government completes the reforms that would make housing more affordable for first home buyers.

There are many international models around the world where they have been able to address these issues more effectively, the time for talking is over and the time for action is here.