Education and Kindergartens

Education and Kindergartens

As a school teacher, Oscar understands the challenges and issues around education. Parents are telling him that the schools in Moreland aren’t good enough. Parents are sending their children out of the Pascoe Vale district for education while our schools are advertising to fill student enrolments.

We need solutions so that our children don’t need to travel too far and parents feel comfort to know that their children are getting the best education they can.

There are schools that rely on electricity generators to operate while others have facilities that were built more than 80 years ago. Principals are telling Oscar that children are embarrassed to use school toilets as they are old and dilapidated. There are many primary and secondary schools that require urgent funding.

He will work tirelessly to ensure our primary and secondary schools receive more funding for key capital works projects. Oscar doesn’t want to see any school in the district left behind.

He will fight to ensure better education outcomes are achieved and campaign for teachers to be better trained to reflect best practice and for our schools to be navigators in excellence.

Waiting lists at traditional kindergartens and childcare centres are increasing and need to be improved and our youngest must have quality care. The most common complaint is that there isn’t enough space, the facilities are too small or kindergarten programs are not offered at all.

Oscar will campaign to ensure funding for kindergarten centres are increased and more places are made available.